pyramis niger

December 24, 0000 00:00

0 kWh

Yes, these are 0 million kWh's of electricity used by the Internet in 1961.
Global (s)warming for intelligence.

It is a countdown.

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Year by year the Internet is consuming a coal pyramid with a base side of 1,422 meters and a height of 905 meters. You could walk from Earth to the center of the Sun putting all these lignite coal briquettes in a row.

We know the Internet is our chance to enhance human development, a precious intellectual resource.

We are burning this coal for a purpose, generating electrical power for the social machine, assembling and compressing cultural memory: global (s)warming for intelligence.

Let us be very precise about the way we transform the old memory of the forest embedded in Earth into the new memory embedded into flat disks.

By the way, the Russian word уголь for coal is pronounced 'oogle'.